GBS Connects Day

One week ago today we had GBS Connects. It is a single day event that takes place on a late arrival day. People with different careers come from all around to speak on this day. The whole school partakes in this event, and everyone will see 5 speakers and have a lunch. Each student can choose who they want to see. I chose:

- Database Administrator
They make sure the database is running correctly and watch over work done by other people who manage the database.
-Corporate Pilot
They fly for private companies, and don't get much sleep.
-Account Director/Advertising
Manages a team of 5 at a large advertising company, from animations to banner ads.
-Vice President, Information Technology
Originally wanted to be a molecular biologist, but went into the field of IT instead.
-Data Processing
An older man who had many experiences in the field with data processing.

Overall the day was very interesting, I learned a lot about many different professions.

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