Lego NXT Atlas Stones Challenge: Daily Log #2

Today we redid our coding. Previously, we were putting switches (like if statements) chained inside of each other to run the code. But switches are really buggy in the NXT program, and it would crash very often due to memory errors. So we did some researching and found that switches could have more than 2 outcomes. So we created a switch with tons of different possibilities based on our variable that counts up. Once again we have it so when the variable is even it follows the line and when it's odd it does something unique, like dropping a weight or turning. Here is a video of it following the path to the first weight and grabbing it. Sadly it did not raise the weight enough, so we will need to fix that.

We basically just need to repeat that for the other two weights and fix the raise amount, as well as speeding it up. Today was actually our first trial, but no-one was ready. After shooting the video we moved the light sensors forward more so the robot could react sooner.

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