Lego NXT Atlas Stones Challenge: Daily Log #4

Today we realized that the big wheels were a bad idea. So we replaced the big wheels with small wheels, and then adjusted the back wheel and the front sensors to fit the height change better. Then we had to re-code a lot of the automated parts, like the turns and when it dropped off or picked up weights. I came in at lunch to finish that (next class is the final trial!) and it worked out pretty good. Only 3 groups have officially competed the challenge, and it seems like we will too. It follows the line faster now than before, even though the wheels are smaller. This is because there is more accuracy with the small wheels: 1 degree of rotation with the small wheels is a shorter distance than 1 degree of rotation with the big wheels. Here is a video of it getting the first weight much faster than before. You can also hear the complete Tetris theme playing on the NXT while it drives.

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