Acrylic LED Art Project: Daily Log #8

Today I got the chance to cut my baseplate before school, and I ended up being late to US History because of it, but the teacher didn't care, so all is fine. During class, I began to assemble the box, however, I quickly found out that my image plate didn't fit in the slot! It was about a half a millimeter to small of a slot. So, I started to sand down inside and outside:my image plate. However, I ran out of time because I helped a lot of people with their code, so I will finish sanding it down next week. Here's a photo of the base design on the inside:


The box inside the box will contain the Arduino, and there's a hole for the wires to come out. On the back, there's a hole for the power cord, and on the front, a hole for the photocell. I'll have outside pictures for next time, once I do the wiring.

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