Acrylic LED Art Project: Daily Log #9

Today I continued to sand down my image plate, however when pushing it in the base, the tail snapped! Now I have to re-cut the image plate, which I will do next week, but at least I got it to fit in the base:


You can see in the reflection the missing tail. I found some extra acrylic to re-cut, so it'll be fine, but it adds extra time to a long project. I did finish the wiring in the box though, and you can see that here:


I've held it together with VEX rubber bands for now, but you can see the photocell and the LED wires, I just need to solder those, re-cut the image plate, and glue it together, and I'll be done. This is probably the last post, as I need to get ready for the VEX competition and probably won't have time to write another update.

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