Lego NXT Atlas Stones Challenge: Initial Design

Atlas stones robot - early revision

Atlas stones robot - early revision

We are doing another Lego challenge! This time, it's the atlas stones challenge. We also got random new partners, and I got Sam. I'm working with him on the Vex Competition as well and he is good to work with. Here is his blog. The challenge is based on the World's Strongest Man challenge called Atlas Stones. There is pitchforked shaped lines that the robot must follow to reach weights on each of the ends of the pitchfork. The 3 weights are 50, 100, and 200 grams. You have to pick one up, follow the line to the end of the fork, and put it down on the platform. Then you have to do it again for the other two weights. Above you can see our initial robot design, and it is the simplest design we could think of that would work. It has some light sensors on the front that can see the difference between white and black, and it can use that information to determine what to do. We coded it and it followed the line no problem. The next step was to get it to stop at the ends and turn at the center. Here is the track we have to follow:

Track layout

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