Lego NXT Winch Challenge: Final Design

On our last day, we were able to sqeeze in a trial to get 1200 grams (200 x 6) with a few seconds to spare. We shortened the turning to go faster. Last class, during a practice run, a gear skeipped to make the winch go slightly lower causeing the hook to automatically fall of at the top. We figured out how to do this on purpose, and you can see it in the video. Then next best score was 615, where they lifted 3x 200 grams and 3x 5 grams. A lot of groups lifted 600 grams as well.

That means that we win! A few groups were unable to even lift weight. The common denominator in all the designs that failed was that a ton of weight was put onto a motor, instead of the plastic Lego pieces. The motor would have trouble rotating then, meaning the robot could not lift or it could not turn, depending on which motor was affected.  Ethan and I made sure to keep weight on only the legos, so the motors only had rotational resistance.

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