Lego NXT Golf Ball Challenge: Daily Log #2

Last time, we got a time of 7.68 seconds, but it could definitely be improved. So we lowered the NXT brick to fit unber the bridge at a shorter time. Here is one of our attempts that failed, but you can see how much faster it went compared to last time:

We were able to get an offical run with that setup, at 4.35 seconds. However, another group got 3.83 seconds, so we had to find a way to go faster. We were out of ways to make the current robot go faster, so we lowered the brick even more, and then gave the robot bigger wheels. This would allow the robot to move faster, but staying at around the same height. We also added a Lego figure. Ethan had some time during lunch and theorized that it would take only 2.95 seconds for the code to finish. If we add 0.5 seconds to compensate for the small delay at the beginning and the ball rolling at the end, we could theoretically complete the challenge in under 3.5 seconds.  Here are some photos of our new design:

New robot design

New robot design


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