Lego NXT Winch Challenge: Daily Log #4

Yesterday were trials 2 and 3, and we were ready. During my lunch I added some legos to prevent the string from falling off the pulley. When we got to class, we did a trial right away and got 800. We were too slow when attaching and dettaching the weights, so we didn't get 1000 grams. We sped up the code from 75% to 95% speed, and did the third trial. We were able to get 1000 grams. A lot of our work yesterday was speeding up the code slightly to get better and better. Mr. Zummo was feeling nice and let us have another go and we were less than a second away from dropping the sixth weight, which would have given us a score of 1200. Here is our faster lift and drop.

Next time, we are going to try to make the robot turn as little as possible. It doesn't need to turn 90 degrees to drop the weight on the platform, only about 60 degrees, so we will make that change next time. This should allow us to get 1200 points with time to spare.

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