Titration Automation Day 1: First Setup

Today was the first day working on our biggest project of the year: titration. This a joint project, as we will be working on it in both Chemistry and Engineering. I am working with Kenneth Likit, Theo Gikas, and Melissa Chin. We have already done plenty of manual titration in chemistry class, but we wanted to automate it. We will be using pneumatics, valves, a pH sensor, and an arduino to control it. Today, we started by calibrating the pH sensor and got the valve working. There are 3 buttons on our circuit: drip, squirt, and stream, which last for 15, 500, and 2000 milliseconds respectively. Since our class actually has less time than the other class, Mr. Zummo provided us with the code, instead of us writing it. It worked perfectly on the first try. Sadly other groups were not as successful, one group had a chomebook get shorted! Luckily that didn't happen to us. Here is our wiring, and if you zoom in you can see some of the code and our testing.

Titration day 1

And here is what the titration setup looks like (not plugged in):

Titration day 1

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